Foraminal Stenosis

Foraminal Stenosis

Quite similar to spinal stenosis, foraminal stenosis primarily affects one or more areas of your spine. When looking at a normal spine, there is enough room for the nerve roots to slip through the gaps. However, the spinal gaps can become clogged with debris as we age, trapping and compressing nerves causing foraminal stenosis. Although not all stenosis cases are critical, if ignored, loss of function may occur if nerves die.

Other related issues that you may hear mentioned are: bilateral foraminal stenosis, foraminal stenosis cervical, mild foraminal stenosis, neural foraminal stenosis, sciatica relief, cervical spinal stenosis, congenital spinal stenosis.


  • Numbness
  • Weakness
  • Sensations of burning, tingling, and pins and needles in the affected extremity (arms, legs)

Can spinal stenosis or foraminal stenosis be helped?

Yes, The Minimally Invasive Spine Clinic’s techniques work well for these conditions. We can remove impingements to the spinal or foraminal canal and free the nerve, thereby relieving the pain and symptoms that can be debilitating and hinder the life you want to live.

Foraminal Stenosis is similar to Spinal Stenosis, however it includes the holes and the nerves along the side of the spine. By entering through a 1 to 3 cm incision, we can apply our minimally invasive techniques to quickly treat the blockage and the pain. And because we do not use expandable retractors, like many others who claim to do minimally invasive surgery, we avoid cutting muscle altogether, so you can get back to life as quickly as possible.


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